Wednesday, July 3, 2024


NEGRO-INDIANS ' IN REBELLION. KING BLUE'S FOLLOWERS ON A MARAUDING TOUR. TERROR 1H TEE CfllCKiSAW NATION- A Band Tied Ud the Postmaster and His Wife at Stonewall Released By Nelghbor8--Many Indian Citizens Maltreated The Chickasaw Government Will Move Them From the Reservation. Wichita, Kan., Sept. 19.

A dispatch from Stonewall, in the Chickasaw Nation brings Information to the effect that King Blue, the leader of the Chickasaw Negro-Indians is in open rebellion. The insurrectionists have gone on a marauding tour, and are terrorizing the Indian citizens, especially the squaws. Last Saturday the band, headed by King Blue, swept down on the farm of George H. Truax, postmaster at Stonewall. The Indians came to the farm at noon, when Truax, a white man and his squaw were led from the house and bound with a rope and held prisoners.

King Blue and his band then proceeded to destroy everything in the house they could not eat and drink, and after satisfying themselves they rode off howling and swearing. Neighbors of Truax and his wife came an released them. Uher Indians have been similarly treated and the eastern part of the Chickasaw nation is in a state of terror. The Chickasaw government is thinking of taking steps to put the marauders out of the county, and they have authority to do so under the United States law, or the Chickasaw laws. The "Negro Indians have no legal right to lands of the nation and are not even adopted citizens.

, King Blue is an old man, is very strong physically and is a natural leader of surprising tact. He was chosen King of the Negro-Indians shortly after the war and he exercises an absolute tyranny over his followers..