Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Question to Chief Tamuhawk's name , it means Little Ax.

 I Chief Tamuhawk choose a Cherokee name in honor of my great grandfather who was full blood Cherokee born in 1878 whom I met as a child when he was 99 years old. I am Yamassee In honor of my great grandmother who was a Black Seminole/Yamassee .For those that know the history the Yamassee after the war of 1715 merged with the Seminole. I chose the name Tamuhawk because I am a Warrior ,yet a Diplomat. Usdi Galuyasdi means "Little Ax".
According to the United States Congressional records the Yamassee were the only ones that they acknowledged looking more like Negros than Indians ( http://www.1866creekfreedmen.com/docpage/Yamasee_indians.pdf ).