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Indigenous Native American Recording Service INARS What/Why the Indigenous Native American Recording Service?
What is the INARS?
The “INARS” is a private recording service contracted with the Mund Bareefan Clan as the “Chief Depository” for the Clan, the Association of Nations (ex.Ocute Clan Hateepan Mund), and indigenous individuals; and is authorized in Title 2, § 1–102.2 Mund Bareefan Clan- Indigenous Native American Association of Nations Code Annotated (MBC/INAAN-CA).
Mund Bareefan Clan was Authenticated as an Indigenous Native American Clan/tribe, under the signature and authority of the US Secretary of State and the US Department of State; Mund Bareefan Clan is the expressed government for the Indigenous Native American Association of Nations in the United States and the sevel states. Authentication date, February 11th, 2004, US Department of State, Washington DC, United States of America.
Title 2, § 1–102.2: “The Principal Chief Prime Minister of the INARS, shall be charged with the responsibility of the establishment and maintenance of the official MBC/INAANs’ Rolls”, and
Title 2, § 1–102 5.a: “The person is an MBC/INAAN individual(s)/person(s) whose name(s) appears on the final rolls as provided by the INARS”,
The “INARS” requires notarized or certified documents of all information provided to the database. “INARS” Identification documentation for indigenous individuals (e.g. ID) will be valid for four (4) years from date issued; when issued.
The “INARS” is not and will not be held responsible for falsified information provided to the database. Incidence of falsifying information to the “INARS” will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that individual(s) file will be expunged from the active database and placed in an inactive file.
Falsifying information is misrepresentation and constitutes fraud. The “INARS” will not knowingly participate in any act of misrepresentation and/or fraud.
All information provided to and stored at the “INARS” or a subsidiary thereof, is the Private Property of the “INARS”, and Between the Parties.
1. The “INARS” is the official recording/filing agency for recording and filing matters of record on behalf of the “Mund Bareefan Clan” and the Indigenous Native American Association of Nations, their nationals, and indigenous individuals who are members of the “INARS”.
2. The “INARS” can be used to provide a central data base for logging matters of records, such as but not limited to, Indigenous Native American Identity, “INARS” identification numbers and Identification Documents.

 Indigenous Native American Recording Service INARS What/Why the Indigenous Native American Recording Service?
3. The “INARS” and the chosen subsidiaries thereof shall house Certified copies of our internal and local agreements and Treaties; and International Agreements between tribes of our association and between other nations; Assignments, Court filings, etc.
3. The “INARS” and the chosen subsidiaries thereof, can be used to provide an independent third party for matters of Record for Indigenous Native Americans and other Indigenous Individuals.
4. The “INARS”, and the chosen subsidiaries thereof, is not a law firm, a governmental agency, nor a reporting service. Therefore, the “INARS” shall not be required to supply information on any file (without owners’ written permission) to any other agency, public or private, except in cases of investigations of a crime; in cases of misrepresentation of information provided to the “INARS”, and then, only with the permission of the Executive Director of the Service. The Ex. Director shall consult with the INARS advisory council before making her/his final decision regarding all official disputed file requests.
The third party request for a file, or response to any file/action, judgment, and/or the like, recorded by and/or at the “INARS”, to an agency or individual, will be done with the expressed written consent of the owner of the file in question, except in cases involving fraud, and always with a requestors fee of $175.00. The file owners first request will be complementary; all subsequent requests by file owners will be at the regular requesters’ rate.
First, as an indigenous person you should not have reason to be in their court. Why? Because indigenous people are law abiding people. We follow the law “ours” and we are taught to honor and respect our neighbors and their laws.
If you find yourself communicating with/in` US Courts, and your brief is loaded with brief is loaded with US CODE, FRCP, UCC, rules of evidence or other US or so-called international law authorities as your principle support, you validate the jurisdiction.
This practice is used with the “Sovereignty Movement”. These tactics were developed by factions of the “Patriot Movement”. We never use this term sovereignty anymore. This is not for us. It is not the type of law for us. It is too combative, and it is an adversary to “Reflective Humanism”. These tactics are about the individual, not about “We”. Remember we are Indigenous Native Americans. We have a stake in the wellbeing of America.
INRS can assist with avoiding the following court scenario for indigenous and aboriginal peoples in America(USA):
Many indigenous peoples today are attempting to communicate their presence to the independent governments that control their ancestral lands, or lands that they legally

 Indigenous Native American Recording Service INARS What/Why the Indigenous Native American Recording Service?
occupy; and to other governments around the world. In our case we speak to the United States of America.
These indigenous type communications will reach legal standing in the United States by filling’s through the INARS. Your instruments have legal standing by and from a State and Federally“ Acknowledged” agency with standing in the United States.
In order to receive services from INARS you must present a certificate of completion of course requirement “Indigenous Peoples of the Southern Cult past, present & Future” which is a ten part course consisting of history, civics, social responsibility & law. The cost of the course is $150.00.
Required reading to be announced at time of registration.
Services Offered include:
Recording/filing matters of record... Identification card
The INARS instruments have legal standing with the United States “in fact,” with State, and Federal“ Acknowledgement”, in the United States and abroad.
There will be an additional 50 U.S. Dollars, bi-yearly service charge, payable to the INARS. There is a filling fee for recording requests, all additional pages to your file shall have a fee of $1.00 per page for all participants.
You must provide/present two of the following: original certified copies of an Indigenous or US States Birth Certificate, certified Indigenous or US State Driver’s License or certified Indigenous, or US State photo Id for registration.
Additionally, ...
When corresponding with the “INARS” please send all information Certified U.S. Postal mail or the like.
Mailing Address Email: The “INARS”
Change address

 Indigenous Native American Recording Service INARS What/Why the Indigenous Native American Recording Service?
Many of us first got into the legal quest for recognition in the 60’s, in religious and civic institutions, we just didn’t know what the quest really was, or more correctly we didn’t know how to characterize it. And even earlier than that with Men like Duse Ali, Nobel Drew Ali, Marcus Musa Garvey, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Imam Isa Muhammad, and others.
Years later, we found ourselves reading tools like “Breaking the Code”. This was the “Sovereignty Movement”.
Think about it, you walk into a court room and present your documentation to the Judge, documentation which states that the court room that you just have entered, and the Sitting Judge is without jurisdiction over you. First the judge needs to determine if you are crazy or really a foreigner. Well guess what, legally speaking you are not a foreigner, but you already knew that. You are a US American citizen.
Any way... next, the case may be about international commerce, or negotiable paper, or taxes; and your brief is loaded with US CODE, FRCP, UCC, rules of evidence or other US or so-called international law. You may have filed some form, generated from a United States agency that surveys their employees or some other United States protocols which cannot relate to you, nor to the court in relation to you, other than as a US citizen. Why? Because you were born in the United States.
Remember, you presented documents to the court that outlines that you are foreign to their jurisdiction. You told them you are your own jurisdiction; or under the jurisdiction of some other entity. As a foreigner, you the real live flesh and blood human, have no standing to bring this type case before any court of competent jurisdiction. You were born in the United States,