Saturday, December 11, 2021


 We of the Ocute Yamassee Native Americans are NOT Moors or Muurs ,nor does the definition of the term apply to us. Moors are indigenous to Africa, the Middle East and established themselves as Monarchs all over Europe and ruled for 780 years (711 a.d. to 1491 a.d.) during a period that brought Europe out of the dark ages into the Renaissance era and fell out of power in 1491 due to a 3 month war with King Ferdenand and Queen Isabela. After their surrender they were first to go into slavery in Granada,Spain before Christopher Columbus sparked off the "Slave Trade" in 1492.Today those who call themselves Moors refer to all Copper colored people as Moors which is simply false. We aboriginals never called ourselves Moors, we refered to ourselves the names of our clans or tribe. The Term Moor itself is a nick name of the word Moreno in Spanish or Italian  and Maurus in Latin meaning black or dark .In 2013 we were aligning ourselves with other aboriginal tribes who used the term Muurs to their tribal names , we realized that term didnt apply to the Ocute Clan which prompted us to change the colors of our flag from black, red and green which are the colors of the original Moorish flag to the Spiritual  colors of the Aboriginal black ,white and red. 

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