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Maku: Chief Black Eagle, after receiving his name and title from Chief Red Eagle, moved to Putnam County, GA. After careful research and guidance from the elders of the Shinnecock Nation, he was able to trace his roots of the Yamassee Native Americans/Washitaw Mound Builders to Putnam County, GA. Our land is called Wahanee, “The Golden City” Tama-Re, as in the ancient Native American maps. Our tribe currently inhabits 476 acres of land on Shady Dale Rd, which is 15 minutes away from our ancient landmark, Rock Eagle Mound. Research of Georgia Maps show that this land from Savannah to Milledgeville, GA rightfully belongs to the Yamassee Native Americans. Maku: Chief Black Eagle had already purchased the land when, for security reasons he and his immediate family moved to the land for safety reasons. Since our tribe moved to this area in 1993 A.D., for five years we had no complaints or problems with the town’s people or local officials. In 1997 A.D., Howard Richard Sills was elected sheriff of Putnam County, and from this point on, the Yamassee Native Americans/United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, have found themselves involved in civil case after civil case regarding building and zoning violations. These cases were designed to illegally extort money from the tribe by fining them ridiculous amounts of money for minor violations. Sheriff Howard Richard Sills then made it his point to find a way to discredit and degrade our nation over the next ten years. Our current legal battle is stemming from these civil cases and the fact that we were strong enough to endure. Now, this is their final attempt to once again try to extinguish the Native Americans from their land. Our talk of sovereignty and indigenous rights is what they feared.

Maku: Chief Black Eagle was arrested and detained on May 8, 2002 A.D. and held on 4 counts of transporting minors across state lines for indecent purposes and 5 days later indicted in the State for 120 counts of child molestation. These charges are fabricated to establish a criminal case against Chief Black Eagle as a final effort to take the land and extinguish the tribe. Chief Black Eagle has been persistent in claiming his nationality and has been ignored. On his record in both state and federal governments, he is registered as a Native American. He was seen before Magistrate Judge Claude Hicks of the Middle District of Macon, GA to be arraigned for the federal charges. During this hearing, Maku: Chief Black Eagle was denied bond by Judge Hicks, who perceived Chief Black Eagle to be a danger to the community; and felt in his opinion that if he was set free, the acts for which he was being accused of would continue. Judge Hicks unconstitutionally denied him the presumption of innocence and declared him guilty until proven innocent by his comments made in open court. This judge, before gathering and balancing the facts in this case, compared him to Jim Jones and Jimmy Swaggart. The State of Georgia, headed by Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, who made himself: 1. a witness 2. a prosecutor for the state 3. and a special presentment for the state, also gathered the grand jury in the county to bring down an indictment of 120 counts of child molestation. Maku: Chief Black Eagle was indicted three times by the state trying to cover their previous mistakes. They finally charged him with a ridiculous 208 counts of child molestation. These charges involve 13 teenagers, 5 of which said none of these terrible things ever happened. In addition, Judge Spivey of the Ocmulgee Circuit stated in court that none of these particular children [that were kidnapped off the Shady Dale property and placed into the custody of The Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS)] had any signs of ever being molested. The eight that continue to accuse our Maku, left the tribal land after being reprimanded for indecent behavior that would not be tolerated. He is innocent of all these charges, and if tried in a court of his own peers, he knows justice will be served. All he asks is for a fair chance to prove his innocence. The judge during pre-trial hearings denied every motion that could help Maku: Chief Black Eagle properly defend his case. He was never officially arraigned in the state, because he was immediately transferred to state custody from federal custody during the middle of preparing for his federal trial. This was done by his attorneys without his knowledge or consent. Just recently, his attorneys have sought to have him committed to a federal mental institution for evaluation to see if he is mentally competent to stand trial. It is clearly evident that the defense attorneys are not working totally on their client’s behalf. This was done because Maku: Chief Black Eagle continues to try to claim his sovereignty. After being forced to take a plea, he was incarcerated an additional 6 months while awaiting sentencing, and his attorneys did not visit him once. Now that the judge has rejected the plea agreement because it was constructed illegally, his attorneys are seeking his help in taking the case to trial. He is again stating that he is a Native American and does not belong in the Federal Government’s jurisdiction. He by law is to be tried in a Native American court amongst a jury of his peers. We are asking that the elders of the Shinnecock Tribe provide us with proper documentation to show our Maku: Chief Black Eagle’s official ceremonies performed by the late Chief Red Eagle.

Another attorney has been hired for Chief Black Eagle that has dealt with international law. Mr. Frank Rubino, of Miami, FL, is making an effort to see that Maku: Chief Black Eagle’s wishes to be tried amongst his peers as a Native American, be honored. Maku: Chief Black Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. York-El © Tm, is simply York, according to his birth certificate. He is a descendant of Ben York through Old York, referred to as Yusef Ben Ali, a Malian Moor, as well as a Seminole from the Yamassee Native American Tribe of Mound Builders, affiliated with the Washita. Known to us as The Supreme Grand Master, Nayya Malachi Zodoq York-El of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors/Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, Seminole, Creek, Shushuni, Washita Mound Builders. As a people, we protect the Secrets of Our Tribe, the Yamassee, our language, and our culture, which links back to the Moors and the Nuwbuns, to what is called Egypt. Our spiritual way of life is called Nuwaupu.

Now, to violate the Constitution of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is to violate “The Drafted Declaration of The Rights of Indigenous People” E/Cn.4/Sub.2/1994/2/Add.1 (1994) Part VII, Article 31&36, drafted by the Working Groups at its 11th Session and The Indigenous People of the Earth Charter, which was adopted at the Kari Oca Conference, May 25-30, 1992 A.D. “United Nations”.

On May 8, 2002 A.D., Maku: Chief Black Eagle was arrested in a parking lot of a K-Mart Shopping Center in Milledgeville, GA, by FBI and over 100 law enforcement officers. While this was transpiring, law enforcement officers from Putnam County, Baldwin County, Columbus County, and Jones County, with the Department of Natural Resources, FBI and US Forestry, invaded the property, which is called Wahanee “Golden City” as found on Native American Maps of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors/ Yamassee Native Americans. This property is located at 404 Shady Dale Rd. Eatonton, GA.

On, or around January 15, 1993 A.D., Maku: Chief Black Eagle and the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors purchased 476 acres of land in Putnam County, GA. In an effort to gain solitude from assassination attempts on Maku: Chief Black Eagle’s life, he and his immediate family moved to Georgia. After months of resettlement, members of the organization who lived in New York, began to move to Georgia as well. For the next 5 years there were no problems at all, until January 1, 1997 A.D. after Howard Richard Sills took office as Putnam County Sheriff. This Sheriff has broken every law both federal and state. He has exceeded the limits with the help of county officials. This Sheriff has made a concentrated effort to try to destroy our Nation ever since he took office. Out of the 476 acres of land that the Nation owns, we have only developed 19. This is due to the fact that we have been prejudicially blocked by illegal county zoning and building ordinances. For the last 7 years, we have been in and out of civil court due to the discrimination against us properly being able to get the buildings on our land permitted for occupancy. Even through all the turmoil, our Nation has grown. Maku: Chief Black Eagle has authored more than 360 books on various topics dealing with World Religions and Cultural Identity. His doctrine has reached all over the world. We host our Annual Family Gathering that brings over 10,000 people from across the globe to our Holy Land, Wahanee.

Maku: Chief Black Eagle was forced, after being mentally and physically tortured, to sign a plea agreement in both the Federal and State courts. He has been illegally detained by the Federal Government for over a year without a trial. He has been denied the right to a fair trial and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. He has been threatened with life in prison along with harm to his family and fellow tribe members if he persisted to taking his case to trial. We are asking that the Elders of the tribe provide our designated personnel to receive a copy of any documentation that will help support Maku: Chief Black Eagle in his efforts to move his trial out of the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and into the jurisdiction of a Tribal Court System where he can be tried amongst a jury of his peers.This 

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